Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiltathon Saturday

I slept in this morning and while eating breakfast, started feeling guilty for not paying bills yesterday, so I sat down and paid them. I knew they would fester in my brain all day if I didn't :)

And then I disappeared into the sewing dungeon.

I got two more units done for my mystery quilt and trimmed a ton of HSTs. The ones you see above are for a block swap with my guild next week. I sewed 72 HST units and trimmed 120 (some were sewn another day)while watching the move Up this evening.

I also cut out twelve blocks for a puzzle swap. The *puzzle* part is that the swappers don't know what block the pieces are for, so they have to figure it out and then sew them together. There are 8 in our group, but I want 12 blocks, so I will be sewing 5 of them together. I have the other 7 all packaged up and ready to take to the PO on Tuesday (Monday being a Federal Holiday and the PO is closed).

Dh is my hero. He set up my quilting frame in the Peanut's bedroom this afternoon and even put my machine on the frame (it is a Voyager, they are heavy!!!). I have a quilt loaded on the frame already. Tomorrow I hope to start QUILTING on it (in between church and Awana).

It felt almost like a quilt retreat today. The boybarian is off at a weekend Scout camping trip, Dh did his thing (and set up my frame *love*) and Princess Sunshine did her thing. I barely heard any noise because I had my MP3 player and some headphones on. The headphones deaden so much more noise than those tiny things that come with the players (and kill my ears). It was like I was in a bubble, a lovely quilting bubble.

The other thing I did today was pray. While my hands were busy with repetitive things, my brain could dwell on other things. I prayed for the people suffering from the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I prayed for my friend Beth who has terminal brain cancer, I prayed for Snow Camp at WOLBI, for my family and many other things as they were brought to mind.

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