Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ear Worms

Ever have an ear worm? Where you just can't get a song out of your head?

I woke up with an ear worm this morning. It is This is My Father's World. And I am hearing the version from one of the Glad Acappela Project albums. My head is filled with it.

This is a good earworm to have (though I keep bursting out into song and getting weird looks from the children) as it is giving me a good attitude toward things.

Snow and cold outside - This is my FATHER'S world, I don't have to worry about it
Praying for SIL & her dh in their quest to adopt internationally - I'm not in charge, God is
Praying for my friend with terminal brain cancer - God is taking care of her and preparing a place for her
Praising about my BILs new job (in MI!) - thanking the Father who provided it

I'm sure it'll color more of my day, the day is just getting started :)

Now some earworms are not such a blessing. Some of the Veggie Tales songs become earworms and I would rather not have them color my day...I'm so Blue...Where is My Hairbrush...The Bunny Song...The Water Buffalo Song. And those lovely little kid songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider...I Know an Old Woman...I'm a Little Teapot that just make me feel silly. Do you have any earworms that bug you?

Here's hoping your earworms are uplifting today :)

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