Saturday, January 9, 2010

BRRRR! I'm feeling chilly!

News Flash: it is winter outside over most of the nation (I think Hawaii is missing out). Well, maybe that wasn't news. It is snowy winter here and it has been snowing for at least 10 days straight. Today the sun has been peeking through, but there are still flakes floating gracefully down. But the temps are still below freezing (note, the time is off on this thermostat and it won't let us change the time for some reason).

our furnace is acting up...or rather it is NOT acting at all right must have worked a bit when dh was up at o'dark thirty as it came up to temp once.. We want to have a warm house and dh has insisted on having it 70*F at a minimum since he was deployed to the desert regions the first time. And it is not warm and it is getting cooler as time goes on.

We replaced the furnace last winter when the old furnace spewed forth carbon dioxide. So we shouldn't have any issues with this furnace. I'm not happy. AND he is working today so I get the privilege of calling the furnace people (and I am phone-phobic).

Keep warm today!

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