Monday, January 4, 2010

it can be hard

Saturday morning our eldest child, The Peanut, went back to school via train. She may be almost 21, but it can be hard to send them off. I kept seeing that little one who had such a vivid imagination (well, she still does) who asked questions constantly and was such a joy to have around. I miss that when she is away. And I know that she really isn't coming back to be my little girl anymore. She comes home to visit. It can make a mommy's heart ache with memories, and mine does.

Why do they grow up so fast?

AND this last time she came home, she started talking about "this guy" who later called dh to ask permission to pursue a relationship with The Peanut (yes, it is a very conservative school she is going to). Even more things to ponder for the future of my little girl.

Time to go hug the two left at home (listen for the groans as I hug them...).

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