Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh wait, I do homeschool, too!

The boybarian is doing a unit on electricity. His assignment today was to make a circuit that included two bulbs. We had two bulbs, but only one worked. I think he was OK with that as he played with it for quite a while.

I was tickled that we could find two batteries, the bulbs, the bulb sockets and wire for the experiment. The fact that they were left from when Princess Sunshine worked the same experiment is kind of amazing as we have moved twice since she did the experiment! We even had her batteries but they were incredibly gross with corrosion. The boybarian was wise in not trying to use them :)

As you can tell, he has some bright ideas! Too bad his mom was in a hurry to move on and didn't make sure the camera was focused on him :P

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