Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Swap blocks received :)

I participated in a quilt block swap on one of "my" homeschool forums. We were each sent a piece of this fabric from the Carnival Bloom line by Michael Miller. There were 15 of us, but one passed away just before the blocks were due, so I will make up one more in her memory...we think we know what block she was going to make as her dh found the pattern with the fabrics.

So, here they are. Now I need to figure out what layout to use. I was going to set them on point, but am unsure about that as I have a definite one way design there...the cup of hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee). I do have one other block made up (see my design wall post from Monday) that I didn't like as much as the block I sent out (see the star in the second to the bottom row?), so I could make a square quilt....oh, decisions, decisions!

Two of the blocks have 3-D elements and one is meant to fray when washed...

If you have any good ideas, share them, please!

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