Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh what fun! The mail came!

I received an order from Spoonflower (I love getting squishies in the mail!). They print fabric and I sent up this design and just received the fabric. Princess Sunshine LOVES it and is carrying it around with her. Now we have to figure out what to do with it, IF I can wrestle it away from her :) I guess I need a really cool pattern to make up for her. Any suggestions?

And today I received a camera that I won on auction...The Peanut needs a better camera for her mission trip to Brasil in the spring, so I found a used one that was like the one I use, an older Kodak 5MP. I'm charging the new-to-me camera up right now and will let Princess Sunshine test it out for me as she would be the primary user if The Peanut gets another camera :) as this one might be more camera than she needs, so I am looking at another one, too (I'm a glutton for punishment)

The mail brought NO bills today, what a happy thought! We also got a Gardening catalog (perfect for garden dreaming on a snowy day) and a NEW Keepsake Quilting catalog for me to peruse and dream about.

Some days I love to receive my mail!

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