Friday, January 22, 2010

My favorite tool (aside from my machine and rotary cutter)

I love my sewing machine. I have a 930 Record Bernina that is a dream to sew on. And I couldn't live without a rotary cutter (or three).

My next favorite tool is the June Tailor Shape Cut. I use it for every quilt and even some non-quilty projects. Any time I need to cut parallel lines, I use this tool. I wish the big ones had a 1/4" available, but I do survive with my little Quarter Cut when needed.

Yesterday I cut a bunch of strips and then subcut them for a project. It goes WAY faster to use the Shape Cut than to keep adjusting the ruler for every cut. You don't have to adjust for every cut (unless you are cutting 12" strips) so you can get your project cut out so much faster.

I *need* to buy a new 12" Shape Cut as mine is in sad shape. It is the best size for traveling along with me and thus it gets harder use...and is snapped through to the outside edge in a couple of places. Tape just isn't keeping it together for me. Do you think my dh would notice if I spent money one a new one?

What tools do you find that you can't live without?


sophie said...

I think part of the fun of learning something new is acquainting yourself with the cool tools ... and quilting seems to have more than it's share ;-)

During the gray, short days of winter, I can't live without my Ott lights.

shout4joy said...

I do love my knock-off Ott is wonderful in my dreary sewing dungeon in the wintertime! That is a good tool, for sure.