Friday, January 15, 2010

I love bookstores

we don't have a bookstore in town. The closest mall has a Waldenbooks that is closing this we went to Borders in Erie. I had a gift card from Princess Sunshine, a coupon and dh had the day off so he came along...though he spent plenty of time on the phone dealing with Army issues :(

I bought a cookbook for me :) I have the Hungry Girl 2oo Under 200 book already, so this one spoke to me from the shelf. I am finding many of her recipes are great for my lunch. Easy to make, delicious, low calorie, satisfying AND one serving sized. I don't make too much and I don't eat the leftovers (there aren't any!). In the 200 under 200 cookbook, my favorite recipe is Choco-Monkey Oatmeal...had some this morning - YUM!

If you are worried about my kids, the children are old enough to get food for themselves, use the microwave or even the stove if they need to. So I don't have to worry about whether or not they like what I'm having. And I don't have to like what they are having (good thing some days!).

I bought a craft book that has some lovely pictures, was in the budget books and will provide inspiration for future projects. Since I'm one of the ones that tries to come up with ideas for the crafting ladies at church, this will be good :)

I also bought a Language Arts workbook for the boybarian since he has lost the one he started last fall. I know, boring, but necessary. He was a bit weak in LA when he tested last spring *sigh*

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