Wednesday, January 27, 2010

finished quilting another quilt - and it's for ME!

I started quilting this one last Saturday, but stopped half way through because I had forgotten to put on my wrist splints and my wrists were aching something fierce.

I didn't want to leave it half done, so I squeezed some time out of my day today (after the boybarian's swim lesson) and finished the quilting :)

Now I have to find the fabric left over from the inner border as that is what I want to use to bind the quilt. I still have a mess in parts of my sewing dungeon, so I'm assuming it is buried in the biggest pile (the Peanut folded the fabric in the other messy piles).

I quilted using a fried egg flower meander that I felt went well with the florals in these moda fabrics. Very freeform and not at all realistic (and easy to quilt freemotion, my favorite part!).

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Kelli said...

Hey, I remember that quilt! It is just beautiful all finished.