Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crafting with the Ladies at Church

Last night was the monthly craft night at church. We made Cinnamon/Applesauce Valentine ornaments for the shut-ins and for the upcoming Valentine's dinner.

I never made this stuff before. It is messy to mix up but fun to work with. Since my children are older now, we don't play with dough anymore and this made me miss those days (not the constant demands, but the play times).

Princess Sunshine accompanied me to the craft night and had fun, she made some animal shapes along with the heart shapes for the Valentines. She glittered everything up nice, which is so funny because she is NOT a glittery/frou-frou kind of girl.

My hands still smell like cinnamon this morning, faint, but it is still there.

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Vivian said...

Hi Joy, I found your blog through a comment you made on Judy L's blog. I am interested in the voyager. Could you drop me an email about how you like yours or write on your blog about it? I would love to see your setup. Thanks.