Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Good Mail Day :)

What fun!

I am participating in a Spa Swap online and I received a lovely box today. I am still crafting for my partner and haven't yet shipped a package out.

I got some stuff that I had wisted and lots of blue things - my favorite color - crocheted washcloth and soap saver, a sleep mask (soft, soft, soft!), some whipped body butter in Sandalwood scent (YUM!), black vanilla soap, a CD of panpipe music, some cool magnets, a pedicure thingy and a monogrammed cosmetic case. Very nice swap package.

Now I have to finish up some things and find a cool container for _____ so I can send out the package I've been assembling.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

finished quilting another quilt - and it's for ME!

I started quilting this one last Saturday, but stopped half way through because I had forgotten to put on my wrist splints and my wrists were aching something fierce.

I didn't want to leave it half done, so I squeezed some time out of my day today (after the boybarian's swim lesson) and finished the quilting :)

Now I have to find the fabric left over from the inner border as that is what I want to use to bind the quilt. I still have a mess in parts of my sewing dungeon, so I'm assuming it is buried in the biggest pile (the Peanut folded the fabric in the other messy piles).

I quilted using a fried egg flower meander that I felt went well with the florals in these moda fabrics. Very freeform and not at all realistic (and easy to quilt freemotion, my favorite part!).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Design Wall Update

Here is what is up on my design wall today. These are some blocks from the block swap last week. I like them in this Streak of Lightning setting. I'll put a black border around the field :) It should make a nice donation quilt, maybe a local charity that accepts blankets for displaced children (our church gave some blankets to them last summer).

Sorry about the picture quality, I didn't realize how bad the focus was until I put it in the computer :P The colors are more vibrant (and in focus) in real life!

If you are wondering why I am posting my stash reports, it is because I've been challenged by this blog:
Patchwork Times

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stash Report Jan 23

I cut and sewed a lot this week, but only finished up two projects. One of them is the quilt from the last post, just have the binding left to do *YAY!*

I used 3.25 yards and didn't purchase far, so good :)

Though I do have some fabrics on back order and I really want to order one of my designs off Spoonflower. I just have to squeeze the budget a bit...

If you vote in their fabric design contests, please consider voting for my fabric :)

I am planning to make a couple of coordinating designs...I like this one so much I *need* to design a project just to use it. Maybe I'll find someone else already designed the perfect thing and I'll use their pattern...any suggestions?