Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28th - blowing, snowing, sleeting and the Sewing Dungeon

Today was a good day to hunker down and stay home. Meetings were cancelled, people were encouraged to stay off the roads, and even the public library closed down. The wind is strong and the freezing rain/sleet/snow mix is hitting the sides of the house hard. People I know have lost power and I am praying (selfishly) that we do not lose power at our house!

So, today I spent hours in my Sewing Dungeon. I have finished the picnic quilt top, tomorrow it goes on the quilting frame.
I had a few moments of panic. The blocks were laid out on the living room floor and I was missing one block. There was no way I miscounted, as I double counted at each step along the way. But that block was not there.

As I was starting to cut more pieces to replace the missing block, I saw the halves of the block had slipped and were lying down next to my sewing desk. Those halves were soon sewn together and the sewing of the top commenced.

This top will be a class sample. I will be teaching a Summer Picnic Quilt - using a Summer Party theme in February. These bright colors will be just the ticket in the midst of winter in Michigan. If you are in driving distance of Cardinal Creations between Cadillac and Lake City, you can sign up for this fun day!

How do you spend blustery days inside?

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Nann said...

The weather was equally blustery on this side of Lake Michigan. I thought I'd go to the lakefront to see the high waves but instead
I didn't stick my nose outside at all. Today I do need to get out to run errands and buy some groceries.