Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15 and Maya ruins

Today we  went to Tikal and took in the Maya  ruins. Our guide, Elmer was very knowledgeable  and  we took  in plenty  in a  very  short  time. You  can tell  that I  was there, because  my finger showed  up  in  the  corner  of the  picture (kind  of  embarrassing).

 The  day was  HOT and humid (again) so we were thankful  for  shady  paths. When we were  on  top  of  one of  the  pyramids, we were getting  a  little  bit  red from  the  unfamiliar  sunshine.

Maya ruins were on my bucket  list  of  places to visit.  I  am  so  excited  to  cross  them  off  the  list.

What  is  on your list?

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Lynn W. said...

Aren't they amazing? We have been to Mayan ruins twice, once in SW Mexico (on the Pacific) and earlier this year in Belize (on the Caribbean). The Mexican ruins were very interesting and what we saw was mostly a sporting and gathering area. The ruins in Belize had a lot more buildings and pyramids and was actually a major government center. I agree with the hot and humid part!

I'm glad you accomplished something on your bucket list; these were ones on my husband's list.