Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

We  had  a  blessed  Christmas  day. Our  day started with a Jullota service at Dalton  Baptist  Church. And, just like Mary  and  Joseph didn't  end  up  in  the  inn, the  service  was held  in an outbuilding  because  the  church building  was  without  power as a result  of high winds in  the last few days.  It  was  still  a  blessing  to  sing Christmas  carols  and focus  on  the advent  of  Jesus  first  thing  on Christmas  morn.

We went home, shared our  gifts, and had brunch. As a quilter, I  was  delighted  to  receive  this bundle of 24 fat quarters and a quilt  calendar.

Remember  the  pickle  on our Christmas  tree? It  took  a  while  for  the  family  to  find  it  this  morning, but Princess Sunshine finally found  it and opened  the  extra  gift. It  contained  4  tickets  to  see  Star  Wars  the  Force  Awakens as well as a refillable  popcorn  bucket (free refills  until April). We all enjoyed  the  movie ; )
What was your  day  like?

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