Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31st - Mad Libs

This  year  we  are  staying  in for New Year's  Eve  and  enjoying each other's company.  Each  of  us  was  in charge  of something  to  eat. The  Boybarian  made  pizza, Princess  Sunshine  made Puppy  Chow (AKA Chex muddy buddies) and I  tossed  together  a  fruit  salad. Popcorn  will come  into  play  later  in the evening.

Princess  Sunshine  received  a set of Bananas  dvds  for  Christmas  so we started  our evening  laughing  with The Village Idiot  and Bone. Games are in the plan, we just haven't  decided  what  to  play.

While  waiting  for  the  decision, we have been  working  through  Dr. Who and Star Wars Mad Libs. Much laughter has ensued  and Princess  Sunshine  has now  been dubbed  Queen  Asparagus ...

What  things make you and  yours laugh? Did  you  spend  your New  Year's  Eve laughing with loved ones?


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