Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 26th - how did the time go by so fast?

Holiday  weekends  are  too  short  sometimes. The  Army Guy has  to  head  back  to  work  tomorrow  after church  fellowship  time.  I  look forward  to  his  retirement  from  the  Army  when  he will (hopefully) have  a  job  close  to  home  and  family.

Today  was  a  good  day :) we went  to  exchange  a  gift  that  was  the  wrong  size, and the lines  weren't  too long - though they were  out  of  stock  in  the  right  size so  it  took  a  while  to  order ...

The Army  Guy  and I  went  out  for  lunch at Panera  and  I  enjoyed  spending  time  with  my  dearest  love. Since  this  December  has  been  so  busy, we  haven't  had  much  of a chance  to  just  hang out together. I cherish  those  moments.

 This afternoon  he  spoke  my  love  language and changed  out the foot  on  my quilting  machine. Yes, *I* could  have  done  it, but he  took  the  time  and  did  it  for  me. My heart goes pitter-pat  for  that  man :) he does  his  best  to  take  care  of me. Maybe that's  why  I  miss  him  so  when  the Army has him working elsewhere. 

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