Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 23 - Happy Birthday to my Army Guy! (and baking)

Today is my Army Guy's birthday :) he is traveling today ... we should see him later this evening :) :) :) It is always a good thing to have him home!

Today I introduced Princess Sunshine and The Boybarian to the "mysteries" of  our traditional Nana's Coffee Cake braid. They both can make a decent dough, so I got that out of the way before showing them the next steps.

The Boybarian chopped up our faux-schino cherries and they both took turns mixing up the filling before spreading it on the rolled out dough. Then I showed them how to roll it up, slice it and braid the cakes before baking. They are pleased with the results (I am too!).

Christmas morning we will douse them liberally with a glaze made from the leftover cherry juice and enjoy them with our brunch.

What kind of traditions are being passed down in your family?

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