Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20th - getting in the mood for Christmas

I  came  home  from  Belize  to  our  Christmas  tree  up  and  decorated. That  made  my  heart  sing :) I  love  a  decorated  tree. Last  year  we  never  got  around  to  putting  the  tree  up  and  I  really  missed  it.

This  morning  the worship  service  was  filled  with  special  music  numbers that  were  another  delight, adding  to  the  seasonal  mood. The  music  of  Christmas with   the   message  of  the  Prince  of  Peace  helps  my  celebration  focus  on  the  reason  we  celebrate  and  off  the materialistic.

What  helps  you celebrate  this season?

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