Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sun Painting Fabric

Since Princess Sunshine is at Theater Camp this week, The Boybarian and I are working on some projects that I just won't get to during the school year (looks like they both have demanding studies this year!).

Using the instructions found here, we mixed up the paint (I only had one color) and painted it on our fabric. Then we placed various things on top of the fabric and set it out into the sun.

After the fabric dried, we took everything off and admired our fabric (and found some interesting effects).

The leaves worked out great, my favorite being the ferns. The smashed marble things were interesting. When they were over cheescloth, they intensified the weave.

My favorite spots on The Boybarian's fabric were from the string of fake pearls and some coin dangles that I found in a drawer, they gave a really cool effect, don't you think?

Princess Sunshine wants to do some of her own...she'll have to wait until Theater Camp is over!

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Lynn W. said...

You and the children are creating your own batiks now, Joy!