Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Design Wall 7-19-10

I have started yet another quilt...for This Guy (The Peanut's boyfriend).

The Peanut told me his favorite colors are black, silver and red...I had purchased an antique looking map print and pulled the black and grey from my stash, just had to buy a red as all my reds were too feminine *sigh* or too small a piece for the throw quilt.

I thought this would be easy to put together. I have all the blocks cut out and am working on the striped pieces. I have to trim the rest of the Square in a Square blocks and then on to the sashing and borders. I should have the top done this week and maybe get it quilted next week (it won't be first in the queue).

I wish I could show you another one I am working on, but it is a twisted mystery and I don't know whose fabrics I have and would hate to spoil the surprise so early in the game! 

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Chris said...

I am looking for a good pattern for a 13 year old boy. This looks like it might be a good candidate. I have all girls so am not used to making quilts for boys LOL

QuiltSwissy said...

Very nice. It is hard for me to see things for a masculine person. I have this girlie eye going on. But this is really nice.

glen: I think you got it!