Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday 7-26-10 (and an update on last week's DWM project)

I have two more blocks done for the Boybarian's quilt.

I am starting to feel guilty that I'm making all these quilt for other people and the only mama made quilt he has is a little I-Spy I made when he was much smaller. He should have a bed quilt made by me! So, I will work on these blocks in between all of the other quilts that have deadlines - BEFORE I start any other projects, I want to have his top done :) That should give me incentive as I've been pulling fabrics out for two more quilts that I'd like to get working on!

For more design wall inspiration visit all the design walls linked at Patchwork Times.

I have the top finished for This Guy's Quilt that was in the beginning stages last week. Sorry about the cruddy picture, but the boybarian was holding it for me (I have a tiny design wall) and his arms just aren't long enough. I'm thankful he was willing to help me out so I could show it to you!

This week I plan to spend some quality time with the Voyager and this will be third or fourth in the quilting queue, so I might even have it quilted in the next ten days...


Diane said...

this guy's quilt is terrific
nice job on boybarian's blocks.

Chris said...

Love the This Guy Quilt. My kids tell me they can never have enough mom made quilts :)

QuiltSwissy said...

Don't worry, he will all too soon grow taller than the quilt! LOL.

Your manly quilts are looking fabulous!
glen in Louisiana who is just "g" today

Vicki said...

Lovely quilts
Perfect male quilts! I have the same type of pic assistant!

Quilter Kathy said...

That quilt turned out great...very masculine looking.