Monday, June 21, 2010

AH! It feels SO good to quilt!

Last week we focused on getting VBS things done. AND worked on getting portfolios finished up. All of that is behind us for this year (YAY!) as we have had evaluations done and turned in the portfolios, evaluations and next year's affidavit and objectives *WHEW!*

Saturday I got in some quilting time...finished up my Quilts for Kids top...and then loaded it on the frame. Quilted until I ran out of bobbin thread on the second bobbin (time to make pizza). It stayed on the frame until I finished it up today.

This morning, when I logged on to Facebook, I found I was invited to a baby shower, in MI, on SATURDAY. I might not be able to make it (I'm going to the Shipshewana Quilt Show and might not be able to get there in time), but I should at least have a gift ready! SO, I pulled a top that I had set aside and loaded it on the quilt frame and quilted it up this afternoon. I just have to get the label sewn on before I head to Shipse and I think I'm capable of that. Since it is a baby quilt, I stitched the binding down by machine, hoping that will be more durable than my (pitiful) hand stitching :)

Yes, I did quilt them the same...with a freemotion swirl design. This is the easiest (thus fastest) design for me to do...and it should be fairly durable :)


Shannon said...

Hi! What kind of quilt frame do you use? Do you use your home sewing machine or a different one? Thanks!!!

shout4joy said...

I have a Voyager 17 on a Hinterberg Stretch Frame :)