Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homeschool Conferences make me happy

I know, wimpy picture...but we didn't take many at the homeschool conference. A friend is looking over the vendor hall (you can only see 1/2 of it here). I didn't see it all, and I wish I could have had a FULL day to look it over!

We went to the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last week. It was wonderful to be there with approximately 4,500 other homeschooling families.

They had a GREAT line-up of speakers covering myriads of topics. It was hard to find time to cover the vendor hall because I wanted to soak up the workshops! AND we had tickets to see Tim Hawkins...what a delightful evening we had laughing so hard we were wiping tears from our faces!

I now have the bulk of our curriculum purchased/ordered for next year. Science will be DLO Chemistry for Princess Sunshine and Life Science for the Boybarian from BJU and we'll be working through Sonlight's Core 5 with the Boybarian and Core 200 with Princess Sunshine. I ordered Teaching Textbooks for both of them. I'm still unsure what I'll use for LA for the Boybarian, I really didn't spend enough time in the vendor hall looking over my options!

I think I will be setting aside money for next year, I really, really enjoyed going to this conference. It beat CHAP hands-down as I was able to hear the workshop speakers :) Though many of the workshops were overcrowded and people were sitting on the floor and lining the walls, we could still hear and be encouraged and learn (it was like diving into an ocean of information in some sessions!).

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