Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Warning! Boring Picture alert!

I'm packed for my family quilt retreat this weekend. It was hard to pack away my machine and projects I've been working on (and one I'm itching to start...). I'd much rather sit down at the machine to sew than pack it away for a couple of days!

Here is my machine, the rigged up table, and my bags. One bag holds my challenge quilt, one holds my mystery quilt, one holds fabrics for a new pattern out of a book I just received (Weekend Quilts by Judy Laquidara) and the green bag has all the little things you can't sew without; pins, scissors, rotary cutter, etc.

I still have to pack my clothes...but they aren't as important as the materials and tools ;) I can always use somebody's laundry facilities. Since I'll be staying either with my mom or my sister, they will love me no matter what I wear (gotta love family!).

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