Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quilting with children

quilting with children can be fun...or oh, SO frustrating. Last time I worked with the boybarian, he was so distractable and belligerent I was ready to tie him to the sewing chair so he could stay on task.

This week, he was easier to work with *WHEW!*

He now has the first of two borders totally sewn on his quilt. Next session he will be cutting the second border. It is directional, like all the other prints, so he will have to decide which direction the design should run. Maybe it will be every which way, like the field of the quilt :P

I am so glad I chose to have him work a really simple pattern and he chose the fabrics (boy scout, if you can't tell) so he is excited to have the quilt, it is the process that is so hard. Maybe when the quilt is mounted on the frame he will have more fun quilting it (bigger machine).

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