Friday, February 19, 2010

Driving, driving

yesterday I drove to MI with Princess Sunshine and the Boybarian. I took the car because the van has some issues and find driving the car is not as comfortable. AND the children sat next to each other rather than in different rows so there is more potential for the Boybarian to bother his big sister *sigh* He spent more time with his ds lite and barely even looked toward his sister which made for a peaceful back seat.

I did make a mistake and ordered the wrong food for lunch so it made one of the children unhappy, but we still made it safely and everyone is happy to be with cousins. It is great that they want to see family, too.

We had an uneventful journey and took less time than usual as there were almost no backed up traffic and little congestion around the cities - YAY!

This weekend I'll be taking part in a family quilting retreat. I am SO looking forward to focusin on quilting!

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