Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Sunshine ~ Crafted Project

Princess Sunshine turned 17 today :) It was a BUSY day as she has been at Theater Camp this week and today was the Finale and Performance. It was good day, and we are all looking forward to a lazier day tomorrow :)

For her birthday I was inspired by the tutorial on this blog and immediately went searching ebay for an elongated Penny...and found a Brontosaurus one (she used to REALLY be into dinosaurs) that was perfect. I found a fun belt at Goodwill and bought the other items needed...and crafted away (it was a quick and easy project).

I chose to use a chunkier belt than the tutorial shows as I thought it would be a belt she would like. The woven belt just called her name when I walked past it in the store...those wimpy little belts didn't stand a chance once I spotted this one.

BTW, she loves it (at least she says she does).

Now to figure out why some music is freezing up her new MP3 player...

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