Friday, April 30, 2010

And our guild had a show last weekend, too!

I was busy coming home from Paducah because I drove straight to our guild's show to help tear down on Sunday. And then I went to Awana as I didn't have a sub for my group...and then I crashed when I got home...

There were some beautiful quilts made right here in my area and I had a few minutes to enjoy them before tear-down happened.

I didn't have a quilt in the show as I just didn't get it all together to get a quilt to someone else so they could enter it while I was off gallivanting in Paducah. I was represented as I did do one row in this quilt:

I did the row with the birdhouses and the bird on a branch and flying geese to make it the right size row :P She got a 2nd place in the group quilt category (at least I assume that was the category!).

I'm already working on my ideas for next year...but I'm the Quilt Show Chair next year (pray for me!) so who knows what all I'll be caught up in before I can finish a quilt!

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