Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another project that kept my attention during the quilt retreat

During the family quilt retreat I worked a bit on my quilting for the challenge quilt I've talked about before. The back is this navy batik and as you can see, I'm quilting with pink as the pink thread is not even noticeable on the front of the quilt. If I make any mistakes they will stick out like sore thumbs on this dark fabric on the back!
First I did go around all of the various pieced and appliqued elements with invisible thread on the top and navy thread on the back to stabilize the quilt (and keep the trapunto in place) and now I am doing the insanely tiny quilting in between the elements. I have a bit less than half of the center quilted and then I'll work around the outside edges of the quilt...lots of work! 

Sorry about how dark the picture is, I couldn't seem to get it any other way!

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