Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It has been a few days

and they have been busy! School, kids activities and a VBS presentation...I am looking forward to being home with my quilting!

This block and border blocks are for the guild's raffle quilt. We are more than half way done with blocks and then to get it together and quilted! I had to redo my block as I sewed it together in the wrong orientation :( But now it is all OK *whew!*

I have got the first part of my mystery quilt printed and gave it to guild members tonight. If you are interested in the pre-instructions for Waiting for Spring Mystery Quilt let me know and I'll shoot you a pdf :) I don't know how to attach one to my blog...


sophie said...

I have never thought about half-sawtooth star blocks as a border element, but I like the way it looks on your wall. The star block looks like a dyslexic quilter's nightmare ... at least I know I'd have a hard time getting it right.

shout4joy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it complete! That is one things about quilting, it seems that somebody is always thinking outside the box and gives us new ideas :)