Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Wall ~ Feb 8

I am working on a challenge quilt. This is the beginning of three borders on my design wall. This is a revised design (my original was WAY intense) because two of the fabrics were on backorder and not due in until right before the challenge is due, I've already waited for three weeks and finally canceled my order. I didn't have enough time to do design I wanted in that short of a time, so I have simplified my design, found some alternate fabrics that make me happy, and started sewing.

I am loving the secondary design that is happening with this combination of border blocks :) Here's hoping the whole quilt looks as fantastic in fabric as it does in EQ!

This will be my obsessive quilt project this week. I'd like to get the top done and the trapunto started before a quilt retreat the 19th through 21st, as I want to focus on the quilting while with other quilters. They will give me good feedback on what quilting designs to use...I hope!

I'll also have to think of some other project to bring along that will be less intense...I hope to have Judy's book by then and can work on something from her book :)

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Mary said...

You're doing the borders beautifully. Borders are not my favorite part of quilting. I like the secondary pattern also...

Diane said...

very nice, will look forward to seeing the progression of your quilt :)

Laurie said...

Another backwards quilt, must be a trend. I enjoyed looking at your blog.