Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Our day  started  with a service  with our church  family.  The Army  Guy, the Peanut, Princess  Sunshine, the  Boybarian  and  I  sang for the first time  in  the  service (we sing  together  plenty  on our  own). We sang It's About  the  Cross  - a song we first heard on  the  album  Snow by Go Fish Guys.

We ate all  day long  ...  opening  gifts to  one  another  in between.

On our tv we  watched  the  yule log crackle  and burn, wishing  we  had a real fireplace so  it was as warm  as it looked. Christmas  music  played, and  we  enjoyed  spending  time  with  one another.

I  hope  your Christmas  was a good  day  for you  and  yours!

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