Friday, May 13, 2016

I wish I could just sew and quilt all day!

I'm still trying to catch up after two extremely bush semesters at college. With the house is a mess, the Boybarian graduating from our homeschool (with all that entails), and needing to pick up various household items ... I didn't spend much time in the Sewing Dungeon.

My mind was on the Cherrywood challenge. I have almost decided to add this next element before quilting the piece. Right now it is pinned onto the background while I commit to that decision. It is hard to commit for sure ... Once it is permanent, I don't have as many options going forward. 

More of my (limited) time in the Sewing Dungeon was spent on class samples. When teaching a class, I like to make sure that I have worked through all the various parts so I know where my students will run into issues. When I figure those out, I will focus on solutions so that the students aren't left high and dry, we can work on getting the project to work out right.

An upcoming class that I am teaching is one binding. While going over my options to present, I realized I didn't have a sample with ric-rac. So, I am working on putting that together. This is going to look so sweet on a baby quilt done in 30s fabrics!

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