Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project Quilting - My Favorite Color Challenge

 Here is my entry for this week's Project Quilting Challenge. It is a 20" square using my favorite color - BLUE! I am going to incorporate it into a quilted bag (when I get the other side finished) for ME - that is why I put my name on it ;)
I appliqued the fancy letters on by machine. First I used a fusible web product (to hold the letters in place) and then I quilted the dickens out of them to hold them down. The back looks almost as nice as the front :)
In the blank squares I quilted a fleur d lise pattern (BTW, the color of the beige is pretty true in this picture, but the medium blue is better in the next one).
The Nine patch blocks in the corners received a cross-hatch quilted pattern. 

The quilt uses a beautiful blue leaf print, a very dark blue TOT and a beige leaf TOT.

I made two tops for this challenge, trying to decide which one was better. Princess Sunshine found a piece of fabric (she was helping me fold a large amount of fabric) and said "Mom! it's YOUR color!" So, I made a top with that fabric. It is the swirly purply-red fabric in this top:
I made four Dutchman's Puzzle blocks (one of my favorite blocks) and then designed a setting for them. The center needed a bit of punch, so I embroidered a J in the very center on a scrap of a favorite batik (I only had a very small scrap of it left). 
No decision has been made as to how I'm going to quilt this piece, it has remained silent :( That was another reason to finish up the blue quilt!
I'm thinking this will be the other side of my bag :) It'll be my split personality bag.


Judee said...

Looks great, Joy!

Bonnie said...

Wow... that is some fabulous quilting. You should be shouting for Joy. I'm not sure I can think that way!

Kim Lapacek said...

I LOVE it! You did a spectacular job! And I love that you did two quilts (me too!) :)

Thanks for joining in the fun!

Michelle said...

The quilting is amazing!