Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I was working on earlier this week :)

I did a personal swap with someone who fell in love with the Moonlit Garden Postcard I made for a quilted postcard swap. She wanted a bit larger quilt, one to hang on a wall.

I started off by layering a batik tree between water dissolving stabilizer and then thread painting the tree bark over the batik. I used black, brown and a King Tut variegated thread to make the bark. Then I cut away most of the wash away stabilizer and soaked the rest away by hand.

I cut my ground/bushes and prepped the moon - cutting it from a sheet of Angelina Fibers that I had made for the postcard moons. Good thing I made too much! I laid them out on the black background (which has a subtle sparkle that doesn't show up in the picture) and marked the edges with chalk.

I then proceeded to quilt the background. I was inspired by Vincent VanGogh's Starry Starry Night and put in swirls. I swirled around where the moon was going to go.

Following the quilting of the background, I placed the moon, ground/bushes and the tree on the background and scribbled over the edges to apply them to the background. Here I show the back of the quilted/scribbled piece when it was just two layers - front and batting. I covered this all up with a fabric backing before binding.

This is an in between step, where I just quilted around the tree and across the horizon line to attach the front/batt to the backing fabric.

I added a fringe to make grass in the foreground and bound the quilt. Here it is by it's inspiration piece:

Somehow, making it bigger made it a lot more work :) But worth it in the end!

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Leslie said...

That is simply gorgeous!!!!
Happy 4th!