Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2nd

I have a quilt on the frame ... I started quilting and BAM something wonky happened with the quilting *sigh* So, I am picking out the stitches.

Twenty minutes of quilting, three hours of unstitching.

Hoping your quilt journey is going better today!


Churn Dash said...

I feel your pain, unpicking on the longarm is so time consuming. What went wrong?


Becca said...

Picking out those quilting stitches is the worst. This is why I often get off to such a slow start with quilting. I want to know the machine is doing what I expect before I get more than a few inches. I have this little bit of anxiety every time I change the bobbin. Mostly because I fear the picking. You'll make it through.

shout4joy said...

I found there was a thread crosswound on the bobbin, causing nasty tension issues. Should have checked sooner, rather than thinking "it will only be that one spot, I can come back and get it later"