Monday, December 26, 2016

cleaning ... organizing ...

My Sewing Dungeon has gotten out of control. About the only thing that is half-way organized are the shelves of fabric, seen above. The rest of the room is full of assorted piles. Today I did some sorting and filled a box with things I will not even miss - and the room barely looks changed. Tomorrow I intend to do some folding and putting away of fabrics from those assorted piles that are still to be found almost everywhere ;)

I want to get the room in a functional situation as I am undertaking the AQS UFO Challenge this year. All of the UFOs on my list need to be quilted, and the quilt frame is hard to get to (see the note about assorted piles) right now. IF I can get everything put away or given away, that will make my UFO tackling go smoother.

Now, do you think I can keep the room straightened?

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Sylvia Koski said...

Never happen Joy. I suffer from the same problem. I fold, straighten, file, organize and it lasts about 3 days.