Thursday, December 1, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge

I have been busy and have not been publishing to my blog much. You would think that now I am done homeschooling I would have time, right?

Full Time College Student, Mom, Quilter, Quilt Instructor, amateur Thespian ... I am keeping busy, catching myself coming and going!

AND today I will be heading into the Sewing Dungeon, not to clean (which it needs desperately!) but to quilt (much more fun than cleaning, don't you agree?).

I will be doing my best to keep up with my blog in December, I am taking on the 31 day blog challenge :) by Cheryl Sledoba.


Lori said...

Hey there, how fun to have found you! I just finished homeschooling our son last June (*sniff*), but loved every minute of it! And yeah, extra time because we're done with it? Not so much. I think I actually have less. And my workroom is not a bit cleaner.

I joined the blog challenge too!

Cheryl said...

Hi there!! THANK YOU for joining the blog challenge!!