Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Met my goal for today on the Guild Challenge Quilt

Today's goal was to get words on the quilt. I met that goal and even surpassed it. That makes me happy!

I put freezer paper on the back of some muslin, put a printout of words on the back of that, and borrowed Princess Sunshine's light box so I could trace
 the letters onto the muslin. 
Yes, I'm still in my robe, I was just so excited to get working on this that I started before 
I hopped into the shower.

I also put the name of the poem in the first border as well as the author's name :) It was a little bit harder to trace those letters as I couldn't see what I was doing. The letters were visible through the brown fabric, but I couldn't see the ink I was putting on the fabric.

Out came the bag of ACU fabrics. The Army Guy breaks down his old uniforms when they get too worn out and gives me bags of these fabric pieces ... and I work on finding creative ways to use them ... and this is a perfect quilt to use some.
I trimmed up some pant legs to the right size and then sewed them to the sides of the quilt. This is where I ended up not so happy. I miscut two of the sides and they are a smidge too short, causing the center of the quilt to bulge *sigh* As long as the borders need to come off, I think I'm going to ditch the black corner blocks, they just seem like black holes in the corners of the quilt (and they just beg for a special quilting treatment and I am not sure I want to go there).
Tomorrow's goal will be to fix the borders and then to applique the boots on the quilt.

I'm getting excited about the quilt! It is starting to come together as I saw it in my head. Now quilting designs are dancing in my imagination, lets hope they gel soon so I can apply them!

The poem, Daddy's Boots is by C.J. Heck and can be found HERE. The author has graciously given  permission to use the poem for this quilt.

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