Monday, March 4, 2013

The Guild Challenge - more process shots

In making my quilt, I put borders on (surprise, eh?) ...  
I always measure my borders to the size of the middle of the quilt. I do not just sew and trim as I have had enough experience with wavy borders on quilts where they stretched when sewn on!
 After measuring, I find the half and quarter along each edge and pin the border on.
Before I sew, I also pin the edge of the border to help keep it square. When I skip this step, it seems that the corners on my borders become more acute an angle and I don't want that!
After sewing on, the border is nice and square :)
and I can start quilting. I seldom do a plain old meander, but the camouflage look of basic stippling 
really fits this quilt.
 Tomorrow I plan to post the finished pictures ... I did get the quilt finished (still need to attach the hanging sleeve, but will only do it if our guild's challenge makes it into the quilt show).

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