Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A lot was accomplished!

Yesterday, I got a lot accomplished on my 
Project Quilting Challenge 4 quilt!
When I designed my challenge quilt I went to EQ - 
love it :) And I put my stars in a setting I thought I would like - though I think I will hang the quilt above my bed in a horizontal setting ...

Once I got the blocks on my design wall, I realized that three blocks were enough and I was happy to not include the sashing (more work and they didn't seem to add that much to the design).

So, the quilt top is complete -
 and I've even got some markings for quilting :)

Yes, the blue border is WAY too big, but I like that. When the border is too wide, it gives me a lot of room for squaring up after quilting and blocking and before the binding goes on.
I have pieced a back :) As you can see, I have to square it up before I start quilting!

How are your projects coming?

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