Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Quilting Challenge Season Four - Square in a Square

I am going to make the effort to keep up with Project Quilting this year :) Since the Army Guy is not being transferred this Spring, I might be able to hit all the challenges!

My first submission is All Squared Up a baby quilt that will be donated through my Quilt Guild Patchers At the LakeShore to one of the local charities.

This quilt measures 32" X 39"

My design process began when I saw the cute little kid print on the stack of fabrics at our guild meeting. The fabric just spoke to me (well, maybe it was singing, look at those faces!). The fabric was begging to be used and the challenge gave me an excuse to get it done quickly!

I just started making squares of various fabrics that coordinated with the little kid print ... and figured out the minimum number I needed and kept sewing the various types. I started with the traditional Square in a Square block (above) and then made a variation of it as well: 
Then it was time to go a bit more modern, so I made a modern Square in a Square block and a variation:

Followed up by some filler squares, some Four Patch blocks (they are squares!) in a square and a 25 Patch version as well:

I cut a few more squares to offset my squares (as they seemed to boring in a straight set) and put them in randomly:
And the quilt came together! Add in a swirling freehand quilting design, a binding (zig-zagged down for durability) and we have a finished quilt!

Project QUILTING Season 4


Judee said...

Love your quilt, Joy! I have joined Project Quilting this year and hope to do some things with it. You are an inspiration!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love your squares quilt. I really like the blocks that have just a tiny square in the center! COOL!

Connie said...

Wonderful Square in a Square quilt!