Saturday, February 4, 2017

Piecing the Conversation Heart blocks

For each Heart Block:

2 – color 3 ½” X 6 ½” rectangles
4 – background 2” squares
2 – background 3 ½” squares

Also cut 3 strips 2 ½” X 22" and set aside for scrappy binding.  

Draw a diagonal line on the back of each of the background squares.

Align a 2” background square with the corner of the rectangle and sew along the diagonal line.

Trim seam and press the corner up and the seam toward the background fabric.

Align another 2” background square with the other top corner and sew, trim, press as with the first corner.
Take one of the 3 ½”background squares and sew it to the bottom of the unit. 

Take the other 3 ½”background square and sew it to the bottom of the other unit, making a mirrored image of the first unit.
Double check to make sure that your units mirror one another BEFORE trimming and pressing.
 You now have two units.
Sew the units together. I like to pin the seam intersections so that the seams match up. Remember to remove the pin as you come up to it!
Press the center seam open. I like to use That Purple Thang to hold the seam open as I press.
 You now have one completed block.
Make six with your assorted Fat Quarters.

Next instructions - Monday, February 6 :)

To see the whole quilt and the material requirements click here.

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