Monday, September 19, 2016

On My Design Wall Today!

I faced a dilemma this week. All of the Camper Rows that I have acquired have lovely blue and green backgrounds ... well, MOST of them do. A couple have something else altogether. Those two just don't fit in well with the rest of the rows. The one I pulled to work on this weekend had this fabric for the background:
While it is a nice fabric, it wasn't going to blend well with my other rows! So I started pulling options from my stash:
 Too dull on the left, OK on the right, but it is a FQ, so I would have to seam it.
 The one on the left is too light. It is a hand dye that has almost no color to it.
 Oh! the one on the left is not bad, I might just use that one, but the green on the right is just not going to work (though I love the fabric!).
 I found one more possibility - this hand dye is just right, not too bright, not too busy, the applique elements all show up ... So it is now ready for applique stitches!

I am participating in the Design Wall Monday Link Up at Patchwork Times, check it out!


Sherrill said...

OH! I LOVE your little row by rows!! I'm going an RV theme as well in addition to a mountain, space and Texas theme. We'll see how all that goes! HA Looking good!

Nann said...

Decisions, decisions -- hope you can resolve the dilemma to your satisfaction. What caught my eye were those cute travel trailers! It's such a great design.

~Kris~ said...

This is really a cute quilt and I like your background choice. It will be fun to see this come together.