Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Creativity - get out there and foster it!

Traveling to a major quit show over the weekend, I thought of some fellow quilters who don't see the value in quilt shows. They will not attend and have no interest in entering quilts into shows.
While anyone can make such choices, they are missing out on the rich experiences of quilt shows. Yes, a quilter can feel insignificant when comparing their own work with the award winning quilts. That is to be expected! Some of those quilts have had a quilters heart and soul poured into them for many, many months (or years!), while I generally churn mine out in a much shorter time span while being a full time student and a homeschool mom. Why should I measure my effort against theirs?
What those award winning quilts should do is to inspire us on to greater things. I can be inspired by the quilting motifs used in this modern quilt, the color choices in that traditional quilt and the intricate beauty of the one with thousands of fabrics. These elements can be the jumping off point for future quilts, so soak them in and let them simmer until they build a new design in your own mind.
AND who knows? Someday time may no longer be an issue and even you can achieve new heights in your designs. It won't happen if you never get inspired. Get out there, learn new techniques, fill your eyes (and camera!) with beautiful images, and let your creativity blossom!

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