Friday, May 8, 2015

progress made

I finished my challenge quilt in time :) The binding was done at 1 AM and I turned it in by 8:30 - whew!

I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt *sigh* I'll catch one when I go to the quilt show later today ...

BUT! I did take a couple of progress shots: 

 I have an image of hands (my own photo), edited out the background and printed it onto batiks (two different ones were used for subtle differences). I fused the hands to black fabric, stitched them down and added a little bit of quilting. 

 The hands were cut out and I ran a black Sharpie over the batting that showed around the edges (it was distracting!).
I played with the arrangement of the hands and center quilt  until I was happy with the results. The totally on-point version did not look good (hence, no picture) and the straight on was OK (above), but this slightly skewed version is EXACTLY what my vision wanted to portray.
The quilt was bound with another thin dark binding and I sewed the fingers to the quilt (see the pins?). The hands/fingers are the bridging element ... they bring the whole design together.

Our guild challenge was to make a 20"X20" quilt, using a specified fabric (the batik in the stars, sashing and border of step one), using at least one Friendship Star block, with the theme of Threads of Friendship.

Do you think I got it right?


sophie said...

I think you got it better than right ... it's perfect for your theme (and an otherwise very cool quilt).

wewigren said...

You have such great vision with themes and do a wonderful job on everything!!!! Waiting to see the post from the quilt show too. Right now off to a retreat at Seneca Bible Camp for the weekend.

Kathleen Plyler said...

Joy, you got it exactly right! you are very creative. I like the hands and the slightly tilted center.

Michelle Shelly Allan said...