Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Quilting String Challenge

I'm going to try to keep up with the Challenges in Project Quilting this year ... And so here is what I've worked on this week (in between all the other busy-ness of my life).

The Challenge was STRINGS - as in String Quilt style ... nothing over 2 1/2" wide is allowed.

I wanted to do something other than the traditional string quilt. I love the look of string quilts, but I have worked with strings on a quilt, so I wanted to go out of the box a bit ... but had no immediate ideas. Monday morning it came to me - I saw an Egret made of strings on a string background :)
I started in on Monday while the weather was so cold and snowy. I cut strings in Egret colors and started sewing them down to a foundation in such a way that they might look like feathers.
After I had the Egret done, I set him aside and worked with strings of blue and green. Nothing exciting, and I didn't take any pictures. I cut those strips into HSTs and laid them down until I found an arrangement that I liked - and sewed the background together. After that, I used fusible applique to put the egret on the background and then started quilting.
I used a squiggly line for the sky quilting,
pebble quilting for the hills,
a swirl for the water,
and some up and down lines for the land - most of the quilting was done with invisible threads, but I did do some quilting over top with green at the very bottom of the quilt. NOTE: color is not the best in this picture (you probably guess that).
I trimmed up the feathers and added a hot fix crystal for the eye and we have:
my finished quilt: Egret.


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