Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall on Valentine's Day

 on my design wall are the six blocks that I had there last week. I've been working on a dress for a military dinner this coming weekend - that is why you see my duct-tape dress dummy in front of the wall...I have pinned one spot on the waist and let the rest fall.

It isn't quite meeting my vision for this event, so I'm starting on a different dress later today that I think will meet my vision.

Here is the guy who will be my date :) He is all dressed up to go around as a Singing Valentine with his Barbershop Quartet...isn't he cute? You should see him in his Dress Blues...I'll be delighted to be his date this weekend!

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Tamera said...

Have fun!

Diana said...

I just have to say....your man is too cute!
Does he serenade you?

shout4joy said...

oh, yes, the does sing to me ;)

he told me I should call this pic "My Funny Valentine"

Gari said...

My dad was in a barbershop quartet when I was a child and I used to sing with the Sweet Adelines as well as in a quartet. Those were really good times.