Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The soap is cut

I cut the soap and have it set aside to "cure"

Soap needs to spend some time sitting as the saponification finishes up and extra moisture evaporates out. The soap CAN be used right away, but as it cures, it becomes milder.

I wish I could provide smell-a-vision for you, this soap smells so lovely and clean:

The Cedar and Sage soap is lovely, the Three Kings special soap is rather lumpy and will NOT win any awards for beauty:

The soap smells lovely and is hardening up nicely. It will also darken a bit as there is some vanilla in the scent blend which always turns soap brown.

I will have to postpone making more soap for a few more days as I am recovering from gall bladder surgery...probably won't be sewing/quilting much either for the next bit of time...

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